Athletes and visitors,

Looking forward to a great week of training.  We have some challenging workouts planned, so get ready for so fun. Remember to show up a little early if you need to foam roll, ride the bike or work on any type of special mobility e.g. your wrists on front squat days, dudes.  Hope you all had a great weekend.


Here are this week’s workouts!

10 min EMOM
Even minutes: 8 goblet squat with a 2 sec. pause in the bottom
Odd minutes:  20 hollow body with banded lat pull-down

10 minute AMRAP
12 DB snatch
15 push-ups
30 double unders (60 SJR)

C. Tabata Hollow body holds
20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest x 8 rounds


Strict Press + Push press + Push Jerk
2,2,2 x 5 sets
* 15 minutes to complete all 5 sets
* choose a weight that is about 90% of your 2rm strict press

16 min EMOM (4 sets of each)
Minute 1: 12- 15 Russian KBS
Minute 2: 30 seconds of max burpees
Minute 3 &4: Run 400, 300 or 200 meters (depending on your speed)


Sumo Deadlift
5 reps EMOM x 7 minutes

In teams of 2, complete 5 rounds of
Row 500m
12 weighted step ups with barbell on back (alternating)
* Partner 2 starts when the rower is free.   complete process until 5 rounds are completed per person.


Bench Press
*15 minutes to complete all sets

1 round every 4 minutes for 4 rounds:
9 hang clean
12 Front Squat
15 Pull ups / 15 ring rows


Perform at moderate, but steady intensity:
Run 800m (long loop)
100m farmer’s carry (2 weights)
50 toes to bar (50 situps)
100m farmer’s carry
50 Knees to elbow on incline bench (50 situps)
1000m row

Banded hamstring stretch x 1:30 per side

Couch stretch x 1:30 per side

Foam roll with remainder of time

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