This is a long, overdue Athlete of the Month award for a client that has been very consistent since she joined Fit Lab 16 months ago. I have to admit, her attendance the last 2 weeks has been a little lax, but they were mostly excused absences and I forgive her 😉

If you haven’t caught on yet….I like people that show up and Cassie has done that as well as anybody over the last year.

Cassie is also very courageous. One of my favorite things about training people is seeing them face there fears. I understand that throwing a barbell around is scary sometimes. I get it when people are nervous to jump on top of a 20″ box and I know what it feels like to go deep in to the pain cave during a hard-ass workout. So, when I see you guys push through these fears, I know we are making progress.

I have seen Cassie do this many times. She has faced her fears and obliterated them many times. She has become a leader to new members in the gym, and even recruited some great members along the way.

It’s not always about getting stronger or looking fitter, although, its a side effect you can’t avoid when you are consistent. Fit Lab is about personal growth in and out of the gym.

But just for the record, Cassie looks amazing. She has become immensely stronger over the last year and a half, and to be honest she has some of the best form in the entire gym.

I’m very proud of the courage, dedication and leadership that Cassie has shown, and for that she is the Athlete of the Month.

Be sure to congratulate Cassie this week and make sure you show the fuck up so you can be Athlete of the Month a year from now.

One of my favorite questions is: “Where do you want to be a year from now?”

It seems like a long time until you look back and think to yourself, “last year went by so fast.”

Time flies, so you may as well be fit. 3 times per week people…that’s the minimum requirement to get in great shape.

Here’s the good news as a side track this AOTM email…you can start fresh at any moment. Every moment is a new beginning and all you have to do is start back today, Christian….I mean, people.

So, what do you say? Let’s be like Cassie and show up, week after week even when it’s a little hard or you don’t like running or rowing, or power cleans or wahtever. Be courageous and you will make the changes you want.

“If you always do what you’ve always done then always get what you always got.” Chains by K.S. Rhoads

Peace out y’all. Proud of all of you and looking forward to winding down the summer and getting fit as eff this fall.


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