A client of mine who is in her 30’s came to me with the goal of wanting to lose 25 pounds. Her father, who was obese, gave her this advice: “Lose the weight now because it only gets harder.”

After reviewing her food log and some discussion about eating habits, I noticed that she was drinking 2-4 sugary sodas per day. We devised a plan that was specific to her needs and decided to take the first two weeks and only focus on eliminating the sodas and walking 10,000 steps 5 days/week.

After just 2 weeks, the client was down 7 pounds and only changed one thing in her diet. By focusing on this clients most limiting factor, we made a big impact quickly and jump-started her weight loss. Over the next 6 months we made calculated modifications to her diet and she reached her weight loss goal of 25 pounds.

There are many ways to lose weight, but with our systematic approach you will be able to achieve results, efficiently and long-term.

Here are some of the highlights of our nutrition program.

  • Burn fat and gain muscle by learning what good nutrition is all about
  • Personalized meal plans, tailored to your goals
  • Backed by science and experience; no fad diets
  • Systematic approach, based on knowledge and execution
  • Ongoing support to help you through the tough times
  • Real nutrition experts with experience and passion



Successful weight loss comes down to three basic principles:

  • The plan
  • Understanding the plan
  • Executing the plan

So, why do 95% of people fail at weight loss?

  • They don’t know what to do (a knowledge deficit)
  • They don’t know how to do it (an action based deficit)
  • They don’t have the tools or support to change (a lack of good resources)

Here’s what we do that’s different:

  • We teach you a way of eating that’s easy and individualized for your goals
  • We layout a process that is achievable, progressive and designed specifically for you.
  • We provide you with a complete resource guide and ongoing, professional support.


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