Nashville Fit Lab is a locally owned business with a mission to help athletes find greater purpose through nutrition and fitness. We train individuals to achieve balanced fitness, meaning, we want you to be strong, well conditioned and have good-functional movement, so that you can take on anything that life throws your way.

Fitness and nutrition have both been hijacked by trends, fads and hype, and we have made it our goal to deliver the truth about what really works. We deliver a program backed by science, but take an artistic approach so that you not only learn but enjoy yourself too.

Our community is welcoming, supportive and the backbone of Nashville Fit Lab. We have an amazing retention rate and our attendance is about 90% each week.

If you’re looking for a program that provides accountability, quality coaching and a well designed program then you will find that and more at Nashville Fit Lab.

Smarter Bodies. Stronger Minds. Better Lives.







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